CargoLink wireless door sensors help ensure you keep your fuel costs low and your load cool.


  • Shut the refrigeration unit off when the door is opened
  • Improve efficiency by preventing the unit from pushing cold air out of the trailer and preventing the unit from pulling in hot, humid air when the doors are open
  • Lower overall installation costs by no longer requiring wires be installed in the trailer body
  • Create installation flexibility by allowing the sensor to be installed where they work best, not where the trailer manufacturer installed the wires
  • Lower repair costs by eliminating need to pull wires back through the trailer body when replacing a damaged sensor

CargoLink™ Wireless Door Sensors

Thermo King Edge: Seamless Integration


CargoLink wireless door sensors integrate seamlessly into your application.

  • Designed to work flawlessly with all Thermo King refrigeration systems (current and future platforms)
  • Work with all Thermo King controllers SR-2 and newer
  • System can be expanded up to 32 sensors for future compatibility
  • Can be connected to competitive refrigeration units as well
  • Supported by the nationwide Thermo King dealer network

Seamless Integration = Greater Flexibility

Thermo King Edge: Strong Construction


CargoLink wireless door sensors are designed to survive in the rugged environment of transport refrigeration.

  • Extreme testing including IP69K testing
  • Designed to survive years of pressure washing
  • Coordinator rated to IP67
  • Dust and water sealed
  • Made from UV-resistant materials to last for years outside
  • Battery life of five years under normal operating conditions
  • One year product warranty

Stronger Construction = Longer Life

Thermo King Edge: Signal Strength


CargoLink wireless door sensors have the signal strength to ensure proper operation

  • Coordinator installs inside the control enclosure for a clean install
  • Coordinator antenna mounts within the refrigeration unit – only one antenna needed to connect to all sensors
  • Sensors can be mounted either inside or outside of the trailers
  • Sensors have been designed and tested to reliably connect regardless of trailer construction and load composition
  • Excellent range - tested to 500 ft.

Better Signal = Reliable Connections

Thermo King Edge: Smart Communication


CargoLink wireless door sensors have smart communication technology that improves performance and helps provide load protection

  • Two-way communication between door sensors and coordinator ensure all door open and close events are captured
  • Two-way communication ensures that the unit switches back on to protect the load if a sensor is lost or damaged
  • Intelligent door switch distinguishes between door vibration during transit and legitimate door opening events to ensure the unit only switches off when the door is truly open
  • Smart pairing ensures that the door switch will only pair with a coordinator within six feet of coordinator, eliminating cross communication between trailers

Smart Communication = Accurate, Reliable Operation