TriPac Evolution!

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EvolutionTriPac Evolution:
The next generation APU that delivers lower operating costs and improved serviceability.

Built on the industry-leading TriPacTM auxiliary power unit (APU) and supported by the Thermo King dealer network, the TriPac Evolution raises the bar even higher with unrivaled performance, low operating costs, easy operation and true peace-of-mind.

The TriPac Evolution was not only designed to meet Tier IV EPA final regulation requirements; it was designed to meet evolving customer needs by leveraging new patented technology to drive unit performance, efficiency and user productivity. Its performance is uncompromised. The operational savings are real.

Unrivaled Performance
With virtually unlimited heating and cooling power and a new control system to accurately diagnose issues, the TriPac Evolution’s performance is industry-leading. The control system is flash-loadable and includes a data logger. Diagnostics are improved with 22 alarm codes, and the charging system has been enhanced with amperage-based decision making. The new system gives flexibility to users, allowing customers’ to focus on fuel consumption, driver comfort or battery life to enhance their needs as appropriate.

Lower Operating Costs
Easier access to components and the longest maintenance interval in the industry keep costs down and help customers better align maintenance schedules. The TriPac Evolution features a larger oil sump that enables the unrivaled 1,500 hour service interval. New unit skins allow easier servicing access. The fuel pump and a new serviceable fuel pre-filter is relocated to the front of the unit for easy access, and the new bottom pan design allows for access to belt adjustment and the alternator. For skirted tractor applications, a reverse-hinged oil access door is pro-vided, and a bottom pan pivots on rear fasteners for easy install and removal.
Easy Operation
Operating the TriPac Evolution is easy. By moving to a three knob design that aligns with automotive architecture, the need for in depth operator training has been eliminated.

Appearance Package
The TriPac Evolution gives you big-time performance, and it can also up the visual appeal of your rig. Add a diamond plate top cover to set yourself apart from the pack.
Peace of Mind
Thermo King is the only APU manufacturer to offer nationwide 24/7 service through its world class dealer network. The TriPac Evolution unit’s reliability is built on 100,000 units of experience. The peace of mind offered is priceless. “The TriPac Evolution APU puts more money into operators’ pockets while ensuring drivers’ needs are more than accounted for,” said Paul Barbaro, Thermo King APU product manager.
Greater Fuel Savings
Programmable settings within the controller means the TriPac Evolution doesn’t heat or cool the cab during out-of-service days; it simply monitors and maintains battery voltage and engine coolant temperatures so that the tractor starts dependably.
Reduced Weight
Weight is important in your business, and every pound that can be reduced from your equipment means one more pound of revenue-generating cargo. So not only is the TriPac Evolution packed with innovative new technologies, it also weighs over 50 pounds less than the previous TriPac. That’s more cargo you can carry with every load and more money in your pocket.
Reduce Weight